Father Danil Elle zaprasza Państwa na Cybercvnt Ball – noc, w której zacierają się granice między człowiekiem a maszyną, noc, w której zostaniesz przeniesiony do przyszłości, którą już tworzymy!

Sobota, 20 Maja 2023


Witamy w Cybercvnt City of Ballroom: Zanurz się w futurystycznym świecie, w którym migoczą neony, a cybernetycznie ulepszeni twórcy poruszają się z elektryzującą gracją. Wydarzenie balowe o tematyce cyberpunk przenosi Cię do dystopijnej przyszłości z najnowocześniejszą atmosferą, która łączy elegancką technologię z mroczną i awangardową estetyką.



Bal to święto społeczności LGBTQA+ i BIPOC, zapoczątkowanej w latach 70. przez czarnoskóre i latynoskie kobiety transpłciowe w Nowym Yorku. Osoby uczestniczące pokazują swoje talenty w różnych kategoriach, zdobywając główne nagrody, oddając hołd pionierom sceny balowej i tworząc bezpieczną przestrzeń dla społeczności queer i osób koloru.


Welcome to Cybercvnt City of Ballroom: Immerse yourself in a futuristic world where neon lights flicker, and cybernetically enhanced creators move with electrifying grace. Our dystopian, futuristic-themed Ball will transport you to a future with a cutting-edge ambiance that combines sleek technology with dark and edgy aesthetics. Get ready to serve to the beats of the future and make us gag!
Father Danil Elle invites you to the Cybercvnt Ball – a night when the lines between man and machine blur, a night when you’re gonna be transported to the future we are about to create!
Magia 007🇩🇪
Bagira Revlon🇱🇻
Jordy Elle🇳🇱
Mother Bożna Elle
Father Danil Elle
Registered participants / 30 PLN cash at the door (BIPOC performers for free)
🚨Beginners Runway OTA – Rebellious Rockerboy/girl/enby
Whether it’s leading a protest or playing a gig in an underground club, You are always pushing the boundaries and challenging the status quo.
Embody the spirit of a talented musician and a natural leader, who is using music and words to inspire others to fight against the oppressive forces of the corporate-run world.
Mandatory: grunge outfit with a touch of silver.
🚨Tag Team Runway OTA – Punks
Punks often live off the grid and outside of the societal norms, trying to survive by any means necessary.
They come from poverty-stricken backgrounds and have had to fend for themselves from a young age, leading to a hardened and street-smart demeanor.
For Tag Team runway, get inspired by their style, which often includes elements of rebellion and counterculture, combining high-tech futuristic accents with an industrial, underground aesthetic, such as neons, cybernetic enhancements, leather and metal accents, punk-inspired hair and make-up.
🚨Shady Runway OTA – Corporates
Corporates is the wealthy elites who control everything from behind the scenes, including the world’s resources, data, and infrastructure, giving them immense power over everyday life. They often use their influence and resources to bend and break the law to their advantage.
Show us how cold and ruthless you can get on the runway, wearing a futuristic, but elegant outfit with a touch of gold.
🚨Best Drag Look – Body Modifications
Future is all about pushing the limits of what the human body can do while blurring the differences between human and machines. People are sporting numerous technological gears, from neural implants that enhance their perception to cybernetic limbs that provide superhuman strength and agility.
But Modifications aren’t just about functionality – they are also about style. Many have chosen mods that are as much fashion statements as they are practical enhancements. Neon tattoos, sub-dermal implants, metallic prosthetics, and chrome-plated exoskeletons turn heads on the streets.
For Best Drag Look show us how heavily modified your image can get.
🚨Fashion Killa OTA – Nomads They abandoned the traditional urban lifestyle in favor of roaming the highways and byways in heavily modified vehicles, surviving by any means necessary. They embody the rugged individualism and survival skills that are necessary to thrive in a world where society has broken down and technology has both empowered and enslaved humanity.
Show us your interpretation of Nomad style in a practical look that survives rough condition and blends in with dessert surroundings.
🚨FQ / Transman Realness – Street racers
They risk life and limb to chase the thrill of the race, evading law enforcement and competing for cash prizes and street cred and spend countless hours tuning and modifying their vehicles, using advanced technology and cybernetic enhancements to gain an edge over the competition.
Rev up your engine and and show the world what you are made of in a mechanic jumpsuit or dungarees.
🚨Face (FF, NB, BQ) – Holograms
In Cybercvnt City, you can find holograms everywhere you look – they play a significant role in various industries, ranging from entertainment to advertising or communication.
Incorporate holographic effect to your make-up or outfit and serve us your stunning face!
🚨Body OTA (Luscious, Models, Fitness) – Androids
Get ready to shine and embrace your metallic side! Inspired by the futuristic world of robots and androids, we invite you to show your creativity and imagination with metallic colors, futuristic designs, and sleek, robotic shapes.
🚨Sex Siren OTA – Cybercvnt City – neons
Cybercvnt City is a bustling metropolis set in the dystopian future. Skyscrapers loom above the crowded streets, lit by neon signs and flickering holograms. Despite the dangers, it is a place of opportunity for those willing to take risks and make bold moves, offering riches, fame, and power.
For sex siren get inspired by its neon lights and incorporate neon colours in your look.
🚨Lip Sync – Electro Diva
Electro Diva is a top celebrity in Cybercvnt City. Her work includes award-winning albums and concert tours, film appearances, and conceptual performance art.
Bring it in all silver with a touch of pink.
10’ songs:
Kim Petras – Icy;
Lizzo – Special (feat. SZA);
Beyonce – All Up In Your Mind;
Battle songs:
Shy Girl – Slime;
Rihanna – Pour It Up;
Lady Gaga – Love Game;
Grimes – 4ÆM
🚨Beginners Performance OTA (walking less than 1 year) – Pop group from the future.
In Cybercvnt City, corporations rule everything, your music taste included. Pop groups are created as a product of the entertainment industry, with only one goal – to feed the current trends and make money. For Beginners performance, become one of the members of industry-generated pop trio – Purple Slay, Red Cvnt or Blue B*tch
Old Way – Purple Slay
New Way – Blue B*itch
Vogue Femme – Red Cvnt
🚨Old Way OTA – Virtual Reality
VR evolved. It allows you not only to see and hear, but also to record and play back someone’s experience, including their physical sensations, emotions, and thoughts. They are virtual reality experience taken to the next level.
Immerse yourself in a world of endless possibilities of this cutting-edge technology and explore the boundaries of your Precision, Style & Grace.
Googles/glasses are mandatory!
🚨New Way OTA – Hacker
Some cybercvnts choose to live their lives in the net, avoiding low-life problems of the streets. From small local breaches, to hacking whole corporations, the riskier, the better. As they are physically connected to the net via cables, and the amount of data they’re workin’ with, they need special cooling suits to prevent their bodies from overheating.
Is your new way performance gonna be so hot you will need a cooling suit as well? Show us what you got in a mandatory black catsuit.
🚨Hands vs. Arms OTA – Ezoteric Cvnt
She is a spiritualist, Tarot reader, and the owner of a small shop stocked with an assortment of aura-cleansing incense sticks, yarrow stems, shards and pendants for good luck. While everyone around is using her newest technology, she is sticking to old ways, cleansing auras and mending broken spirits.
Get inspired and show us magic. Choker is mandatory!
🚨Sisters vs. Twisters
Main issues in Cybercvnt City? Multiple gangs that run this city.
Sisters Gang consist mostly of sex workers, anarchists, punks, and LGBTQ+ ppl. They formed in the interest of self-defense purposes, and are determined to stand up against their oppressors.
Sisters – bring it in a cute but edgy look.
Twisters gang are known to be extremely dangerous. They are obsessed with body modifications and cyberware.
Twisters – mandatory black leather, and a face mask/bacalava.
🚨FF Performance – Enigmatic Femme Fatale
Enigmatic Femme Fatale is beautiful but dangerous – when it comes to her, only one thing is certain: tread carefully. Her looks, intelligence, cunning and fierce determination are a volatile mix. Using informations she acquired in as a sex worker, she plots the whole courageous heist on one of the richest and most influential people in the City.
Get inspired with her style, combining sequins or glitter and a fur in your outfit.
Ballroom terminology:
/ OTA – Open To All / anyone from any gender category/expression may enter
/ BQ – Butch Queen / cis-gender gay / bi / pan / queer man
/ FQ – Fem Queen / Woman of trans experience
/ MF – Male Figure / Collective term including Butch Queens, Trans men, Trans-mascs, Butches – anyone whose gender expression is “male” in the binary sense
/ FF – Female Figure / Collective term including Fem Queens, Drags, cis-women – anyone whose gender expression is “female” in the binary sense
/ NB – Non-Binary / Anyone who identifies as non-binary may enter
Ballroom culture/scene was created by African-American and Latinx LGBTQ+ communities in the 70′ in New York City. Balls supposed to be a safe space for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ community, which should be respected by all visitors.
In light of the continuing climate crisis, we urge you to opt for sustainable clothing choices. Our suggestions include using recycled materials, selecting textiles produced in an ethical manner, purchasing second-hand items, and exchanging clothes with others whenever feasible.
Be respectful for all the people around and their space, and remember, no means no.
Let’s celebrate ballroom culture together!